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FrenetiCore presented WIRED: Dance+Technology at Frenetic Theater, March 28-April 5. Streaming bodies. Athletic intelligence. A visual feast of choreographic surprises. WIRED is a series of individual screenshots roaming our current technological reality. Projection mapping, video, lighting, props, and sound effects merge seamlessly with raw, live movement. Emotion is illuminated through physical and technical design in a high-energy, visceral examination of human experience. Gather around our digital campfire and enjoy the unfiltered technology of the human body.

Choreography by Rebecca French and FrenetiCore dancers.
Video and projection mapping by ears are good.
Photography by Les Campbell.
Technical direction by Edgar Guajardo.

Cast included Danielle Artis, Madonna Bauch, Adam Castaneda, Dorianne Castillo, Rebecca French, Jaime Garcia, Lauren Hurstell, Taylor Martin and Mollie Miller.