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It’s been another year, and the changes at FrenetiCore and Frenetic Theater are profound and abundant. Thanks to your support 2012 was full of growth and opportunities. We’ve increased our budget, staff, dance company, performances, and amenities at our theater. We’ve collaborated with other great non-profits like Ripley House, DiverseWorks, and Barrio Dogs. We’ve created 2 original shows, Memoriam and Can’t Get Next to You, the dance-on-film The All Hands Meeting, and performed in festivals all over Houston, including the Bayou City Arts Festival and Dickens on the Strand. Countless groups have presented their work at Frenetic Theater, thanks to the Houston Fringe Festival, our Artist-in-Residence program, and our affordable theater rental. We impacted the lives of East End children through our free after-school dance and theater program FrenetiKids. And we need your support to do it all--even bigger and better--in 2013!

Next year, 2013, is an important year for FrenetiCore. It marks the non-profit organization’s 10 year anniversary. Back in 2003, Robert Thoth and I were self-taught artists with a vision of telling interesting stories through multi-media dance. Our vision has grown so much since then, but making relevant, entertaining work is still our biggest priority. Ten years is a long time to do anything. Our labor of love has become a commitment to the future.

We’re so glad you’re on this journey with us. If you can help us continue to bring art into people’s lives, please donate today! 

Rebecca French, Executive/Co-Artistic Director
Robert Thoth, Technical/Co-Artistic Director