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Photo by Anthony Rathbun.

FrenetiCore Dance:

FrenetiCore was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2003 with the goal of creating cutting-edge multi-media dance theater productions unlike any others found in the Houston area.  FrenetiCore has performed at least 1 full length work and several smaller productions per season since 2003.  Under the artistic direction of Rebecca French, FrenetiCore maintains a dance company comprised of regular members and guest performers.  The group has participated in numerous festivals including the Wallpaper Dance Festival in Trieste, Italy, Big Range Dance Festival at Barnevelder Movement Complex, Texas Weekend of Contemporary Dance at the Miller Outdoor Theater, East End Cultural Arts Festival, Twelve Minutes Max at DiverseWorks, Houston Fringe Festival, New Orleans Fringe Festival, Bayou City Arts Festival, and Pilot Dance Festival in Fort Worth, Texas.  FrenetiCore has collaborated with various musicians, artists, and technicians in the Houston area including dancer/choreographer Lindsey Mcgill, Houston Sacred Harp Singers, filmmaker Laura Harrison, writer Chad Crawford, Two Star Symphony, Crossover Movement Arts and visual artist Weihong.


Frenetic Theater:

In 2006, the company’s directors purchased a 17,000 square foot machine shop on Houston’s east side with the aim of creating a community arts center and offering affordable theater/rehearsal space for local artists.  FrenetiCore renovated the warehouse and built a new handicapped-accessible theater complete with a 1,300 square foot stage, theater seating for 100, an eighty foot long exhibit hall for immersive film and visual arts, and a new lobby with spacious bathrooms and concession bar.  The theater space has hosted productions by the Houston Cinema Arts Festival, Vault Dance Company, Aurora Picture Show, Horse Head Theatre, Nameless Sound, FrenetiCore, Sol Y Luna Dance, Jhon Stronks, Unhinged Productions, Pandora Theater, Phoenix Inc. Theatre, 48 Hour Film Festival, Psophonia Dance, and Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater, among others.



In addition to FrenetiCore’s dance theater performances, the organization produces a variety of events for the public.FrenetiCore has hosted the annual Houston Fringe Festival since August 2008, with over 100 performers each year presenting cutting-edge theater, dance, film, and music, increasing visibility for Houston’s vibrant arts scene.FrenetiCore began a series of eclectic programming called Second Sundays in February 2010.  The events occur on the second Sunday of each month, and are designed to offer local and regional artists a venue to present their work and earn ticket revenues.  Artists included in the event include Jane Weiner of the Pink Ribbons Project and Hope Stone Dance, Houston 48 Hour Film Project, musician Chris Becker, fire poi dancing by China Cat Dance, and comic hypnotist Dan Perez.

FrenetiCore began an Artist-in-Residence program in March 2010 to support emerging and established artists in the Houston area.  Participants receive technical and marketing support as well as access to free rehearsal and performance space at Frenetic Theater.  Program beneficiaries include Chris Nelson, filmmaker; Jhon Stronks, choreographer; Che Rickman, multi-media performer and curator; and Matt Crawford, filmmaker and sound designer.In June 2010 FrenetiCore completed work on a new dance studio and began holding weekly dance classes in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Yoga, Pilates, Pointe and Modern dance.

In September 2010 FrenetiCore began FrenetiKids, a free after-school dance and theater program for underprivileged youth in Houston’s East End, culminating in a year end showing performed by the students.  In addition to these ongoing programs, FrenetiCore has produced various one time events such as the‘Dance on Camera’ Festival in 2009, Free Film Nights and free dance workshops in 2009 and 2010, and two week-long choreography workshops with Otis Cook of Pilobolus in 2006 and 2008.



FrenetiCore has received numerous grants from the Houston Endowment, United Way, Emanu El Foundation, Home Depot Foundation, and Houston Arts Alliance MODE Incubator, Touring, Special Initiative, and General Operating Support grants.  FrenetiCore’s Artistic/Executive Director, Rebecca French has received three HAA Individual Artist grants in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Individual donations are a crucial component of FrenetiCore’s funding.  Our individual donors give in amounts as little as $20.00 and as much as $45,000.00.  The organization’s Board of Directors each contribute financially to the organization.FrenetiCore receives consistent business donations from Spectra Energy and Denham and Associates, as well as numerous in-kind donations from businesses such as Whole Foods and St. Arnold Brewery.  Media partners such as Houston Press and KUHF donate press coverage of FrenetiCore’s many events and performances.

The grand opening of Frenetic Theater in 2009 allowed for a dramatic increase in earned revenue from theater rental and FrenetiCore produced events.  The organization continues to maintain a healthy balance in funding among grants, programming and theater rental income, and business and individual donations.


Management History:

FrenetiCore was incorporated in April 2003, and has been managed by its founders Rebecca French and Robert Thoth without interruption.  Jennifer Oswald was the organization’s Executive Director from 2003-2005, while Rebecca French and Robert Thoth shared the role of Artistic Director.  In 2005, Rebecca French took over as Executive Director when Jennifer moved to Connecticut.

With each year, the organization improves its organizational abilities in programming, funding, financial management, and fundraising. From 2009-2010, FrenetiCore earnestly recruited several new board members, including Katie Jozwicki, the organization’s president.  The Board of Directors has adopted and implemented policies and procedures in line with industry best practices.


FrenetiCore’s Full-Length Performances:

there is no answer as to why me (2013) A dance tribute to the late writer David Rakoff.
Rite of Summer (2013) An homage to Stravinsky’s epic masterwork.
The Sacred Harp (2013) A multimedia dance theater production about the journey of a young interracial couple
Can't Get Next To You (2012) A reflection on love, lust and longing.
Memoriam (2012) A story of a young woman trapped inside a set of traumatic events she is doomed to repeat.
Tenderina (2011) A surreal story of a stripper ballerina and her journey to self-revelation.
The All Hands Meeting (2011) A dance on film about a surreal office
The War of the Worlds (2011) A family-friendly dance musical based on the Jeff Wayne concept album about invaders from Mars
MKUltra (2010) An immersive audience experience involving legal drug testing and dance/film about the CIA’s covert mind-control program
Tetsujin/Exile (2009) Site specific dance on film in industrial settings
Zomberina! The Movie (2008) A comedy about zombie ballerinas at a dance competition
Golem (2007) A dance-on-film based on Jewish folklore made with chalk, mud, and two dancers
Outside (2007) A cyberpunk dance drama integrating videography and live music, based on the concept album by David Bowie
Bedlam (2006) A magic urban realist tale about asylum inmates
Deviations (2005) Adult fairy tales, based on the book "Transformations" by Anne Sexton
1984 (2005) A dance/film interpretation of George Orwell's novel
The Sacred Harp (2004) A southern gothic morality play with live shape note singing and dance
America Luvs War (2003) A protest piece with dance, film, and music


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