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Magician Robby Bennett

Date: March 22logo_1_.jpg

Times:  2pm, 7pm & 9pm*
*The 9pm show is for an 18+ audience only. All other performances are family friendly.

Location: Frenetic Theater, 5102 Navigation Blvd

Tickets: $15. For tickets and more information click HERE

Bennett Brings His Unique Talents Back To A Hometown Stage Guaranteeing A Night Of Awe, Hilarity And Delight In His Upheld Unique Style With Magic So Close You Can Touch

On March 22nd Robby Bennett will perform his spellbinding routines that have left audiences emotionally charged, astounded, and laughing to tears. And to top it off... The Audience is HIS CO-STAR! During the course of one show, Bennett will tell gripping stories and hilarious anecdotes as narrations to astonishing magical feats, alter your conception of time and the impact of your own imagination. He will also take a kid out of the crowd and turn him into a genuine magician with his own routines and production in a matter of minutes – That's one you have to see! “I had to take out my levitation of an infant over burning spikes. It apparently made people too nervous and I got some letters,” says Bennett. Unlike what you might expect from typical a "magic show," Bennett has created the perfect blend of fantasy and comedy which has left preview audiences on their feet in applause. Bennett has made the typical evening of theatre disappear as he takes stage with his routines involving metaphor, allegory and powerful storytelling. All of which is brought full circle throughout the evening. This is a new type of show modern audiences been waiting for. The impossible is simply overlooked and all logic is forgotten as you sit in the theatre in awe.

It has been over a decade-and-a-half now since Illusionist Robby Bennett was a sick child being treated at several different medical centers for stomach ailments. It was during this time that Bennett started teaching himself magic tricks from a magic kit he had been given several years earlier. After he recovered from being ill, Bennett noticed that he had developed a skill that put him apart from his peers at school and made him stand out among them. Soon after, Bennett started performing professionally at the age of 12 and it all took off from there! Since then his client list has grown to include some of the most sought after names in the corporate and entertainment world includingGeneral Electric, Viacom, Shell Oil, New York's Beacon Theatre, The Golden Nugget andCaesar's Palace along with a laundry list of others.

 Bennett has also been a major figure on the charity scene, helping those who are in the same position he once was and visiting a hospital or care center at least once a week since he started performing. The vast number of charities he has worked with has placed Robby as a beloved figure to patients and their families as well as the staff at each institution he visits. This wide range of helping others has inspired Bennett to collaborate with various children's charities across the country and visit children's villages (and perform on national television) in Uganda!

 As a performer, Bennett has the caliber and charisma which has allowed him to pick and choose from the best consultants and production staff from around the globe, giving the audience pieces of strange which they have never experienced before. He firmly believes that magic is not created by props but rather in the minds of the audience with the 'Magi' acting as a middleman between them and wonder. It is with this belief that he has earned a reputable notoriety as a storyteller allowing his effects to be created within a context using strong metaphorical elements that set him apart from his contemporaries. Bennett states, “I could never handle a real job. I believe cubicles prove that animals are instinctively smarter than humans: At least you have to put a door on an animal's cage.”

The Show will also feature up-and-coming Magician Grant Freeman. Freeman has been a long-time student of Bennett. After five years, he is ready to take the stage with his esteemed mentor. Feel free to throw things and yell at him during his performance...

I wish that kid would leave me alone and stop calling me!”

-Robby Bennett

Once in your lifetime you will see a show that will change your perception of reality... This is not that show. Besides, tickets to WICKED are expensive and usually sell out quickly. For more information for an evening of magic and comedy with Robby Bennett go to

*Disclaimer: For the duration of his performance, Mr. Bennett reserves the right to Febreze any children that may be in attendance and feed them Benadryl as he sees fit.




Sat, March 22, 2014
2 p.m. - 11 p.m.
(GMT-0500) America/Chicago


Frenetic Theater
5102 Navigation Blvd
Houston, TX 77011
United States