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The Revue

Date: September 13, 2014the_revue.png
Time: 7pm

"The Revue" is a tribute to musical legends past and present. Each performance from costume to song has a goal to stay true to the artist and the era in which the song was originally performed. This production also serves as a fundraiser designed to promote Lupus Awareness. It is designed to be an encouragement to people who feel as if life has tried to take a hold of them. Through each performance, the show's goal is to inspire others to keep on living despite the hand life dealt you...because with the help of the can still 'Fulfill Your Dream.'"
Artist Performing: Rebekah Threlkeld; "Tish" Lampley; Kikki Riddick; Daydrian Lee; Iyah Penny; Amber Scott from 'The Voice,' and more.
For more information, call 404.543.6594.
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Sat, Sept. 13, 2014
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Frenetic Theater
5102 Navigation Blvd
Houston, TX 77011
United States