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FrenetiCore's Artist Board was created in 2013 to give local artists a platform to present exciting new work and broaden the scope and impact of programming at Frenetic Theater. Each Artist Board member receives one performance/exhibition night at Frenetic Theater to present his or her dance, music, film, theater, performance or visual artwork.


2015 Artist Board Members: 

Vicki Fowler

Jaime Fruge

Amanda Gregory

Brooke Lerman

Bucky Rea

Eric Williams



Vicki Fowler

Vicki Fowler was born and bred and sun tea steeped in the concrete of Houston's inner city backyards.
Fowler's trajectory of studies include obtaining her BFA with a focus in New Genres at The San Francisco Art Institute and her MFA in Performance Art at School of the Art Institute Chicago. Her MFA work was proceeded and reinforced by congruent life skills learned while working as Food Recovery Coordinator at Chicago's Resource Center.This was essentially legitimized and elegantly orchestrated dumpster diving. Fowler currently teaches in the Visual Art Department at HSPVA and is an assistant teacher at Bayou Village Waldorf School.
Fowler is a life artist, mother, and a striving to eat well and enjoy life, gardner. Fowler has used connecting points of family, bird catching, trucks, personal iconography collected, food, and quilts as leaping points for transformation in her work. She is deeply interested in:
- the connections between performance and the rhythms of motherhood.
- blurring the lines between art and life.
- entrusting her daughter with a sense of lineage.
- the efforts of all who nurture, teach, and or mother....and how everything exists because of that love. 
- creating a beatiful life.
After Fowler's most recent work, Left the House, that invited 26 artists to investigate themes of nurturing, teaching and mothering,in the context of her family's home...she is ready and now sees it so necessary to recognize The Things We Need. 



Jaime Fruge

Jaime Fruge is a native Houstonian, who began her dance training at the City Ballet of Houston and continued her studies at Houston Ballet and the High School for Performing and Visual Arts where she graduated in 2001. Growing up, she spent many summers on scholarship training with Joffrey Ballet in New York. After graduating high school, Jaime received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in costume design from the University of Southern California in 2005. She spent 4 years in Los Angeles working as a professional costume designer and stylist for artists such as Gwen Stefani, Mary J. Blige, Faith Hill, Jennifer Lopez, and Sean Combs. Jaime has worked on countless music videos, advertising campaigns, and world tours.

Jaime moved back from Los Angeles 5 years ago to come full circle and rediscover her original passion, dance. She developed the high school dance program at YES Prep Southeast where she inspired and invigorated a new generation of dancers and choreographers. Currently, Jaime is continuing her studies as a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance candidate at Sam Houston State University under the direction of Dionne Sparkman Noble, Andy Noble, Dana Nicolay, Jennifer Pontius, Erin Reck, and Elijah Alhadji Gibson.  She has performed with City Ballet of Houston, Houston Ballet, Freneticore, and Sam Houston State University Dance Department. Her work has been presented at Sam Houston State University. Jaime fuses her dance and costume design experience with her love of the visual arts to create compelling work in hopes to evoke an emotional, social, or political response.


JaimeFruge1.jpg JaimeFruge2.jpg


Bucky Rea

Bucky Rea is founder and top penguin at Invisible Lines. He graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 1989 and embarked on a career in education. And then another career in social services. And then another career in marketing. And then it was back to education. There was a pizza delivery job in there somewhere, too. He has been affiliated with a few poetry groups, including Meta4, the Twitching Limes, and the Manifesto Form. In the 1990s he published a number of chap books for several Houston poets, hoping to highlight the written and visual wordcraft of selected poets who prefer to reach their audiences via the spoken word. Since 2012 he's been on the board of the Houston Poetry Fest and has served as Events Coordinator for that annual festival. 

Bucky formed Invisible Lines in 2011 with the mission of bringing poetry and poetic language to the stage, to highlight for audiences—discerning, talented, beautiful audiences, of course—the dramatic heft of the poetic artform. Invisible Lines finds poetry, both contemporary and canonical, and produces performances that will convey the sorrows, joys, victories, and adieus that color the human experience. However, they mostly do it for the applause. Shows to date have featured the works of Debra Mathes, Salvador Macias, Bucky Rea, Pablo Neruda, and Edgar Allan Poe. Of course much the work of Invisible Lines would not have been possible without the support of FrenetiCore and Rebecca French, whose sponsorship of the annual Houston Fringe Festival hosted two of the Lines's most successful shows.


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Be on the look out for Artist Board art exhibition and performance dates and information!